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About Pudala Uniforms

With great pride, we introduce our line of apparel for the Law Enforcement Division. We offer you items such as short and long sleeves tees, polo shirts, sweat shirts, mock turtleneck shirts, Dickies, Tactical Shirt ect.

For generations, we have loved to fish and hunt. For the Fun part of yours life, we offer Fishing Shirts in a rainbow of colors. We have Hunting Shirts for you in Khaki and Camouflage and Digital prints. And then we also offer Dress Shirts to make you look good for your evenings and meetings.

Since we are manufacturers, we are able to offer you excellent quality product at great prices. Provided the quantity justifies it, we are able to make garments in your choice of color and styleand offer them with whatever decoration (screen-printing, embroidery or patches) you desire.

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