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We at PUDALA Uniforms are extremely happy at being able to be of service to you for nearly 25 years. It indeed gives us extreme satisfaction that we have successfully been able to match up to your expectations. We have kept pace with the times and the industry and have come up with the products that you want. This is no coincidence. The reason for our good deliverance is in our company’s structure.We are a completely integrated chain. We bring in our goods from our own manufacturing facilities in India.

We have a completely integrated manufacturing facility, which includes 8 factories in India covering 200000 sq. ft. work area and we directly employ nearly 1000 people.

We specialize in In-Stock programs and Custom manufacturing. Our in-stock items are shown in this catalog and most everything is in stock all year round in our warehouse in Atlanta GA. Our Custom manufacturing gives us a unique advantage over our competition.


6000 Miller Court East Norcross, GA 30071


Phone: 770-613-9820 Fax: 678-646-2255
Email: pudalauniform@aol.com

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